Newest and Updated Chat box Rules

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Newest and Updated Chat box Rules Empty Newest and Updated Chat box Rules

Post  Grim Reaper on Thu Jul 14, 2011 12:33 am

Alright, So here are the rules. Most people who join don't know them so here are the updated rules.

(1) Points: Probably just a Warning for now

(2) Points: Banned for 1 Hour

(3) Points: Banned for 1 Day

(4) Points: Banned for 1 Month

(5) Points: Perma Banned from the Chat Box

Here are the actually rules and how much points you will loose if you don't follow

Rule (#1): No Porn in the Chat. If you do so, You will loose 1 Point

Rule (#2): Foul language in the Chat. This will not be accepted. You may see staff using foul language but the are staff, they can. If you do so, You will loose 3 Points.

Rule (#3): Joking or Playing around. Now this could be accepted in some area's but if you do like (Ex. I Am leaving this site because...) will not be accepted and will loose 4 Points.

Rule (#4): Scamming. This WILL not be accepted. If you do scam you will loose 5 Points. It will NEVER be accepted.

Rule (#5): Asking to become staff. This will not be accepted. If we fill that you would make a good staff member, we will contact you. Also there is a forum to fill out an application to become staff. If you ask to become staff in the Chat, You will loose 2 Points.

These are all the rules I Have so Far. If we fill to add new rules, We will add them.
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