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Post  GFX Fuze on Sun Jul 10, 2011 12:29 pm

Last Update: 6/5/11

Hello everyone here you will find all the rules of Fuze and periodically we will update these rules to continue progression of Fuze. Failure to follow the simple rules will result in warnings, infractions, and bans! Also if you ever receive one of those you will never be a staff member.

Account Rules

Asking for Staff
Asking for staff is not and never will be allowed. All of our FUZE Staff Members have earned there way to the top. If you do/ask for any part in our staff, This will result in a warning and lower your chances of ever becoming staff. If you are someone that has very bad grammar (Example: I Du mi wrrk) You will probably have 1/10 Chances of becoming staff. Now, If your computer's CAPS key is broke you will NEVER Become staff. That is one of the most important things of becoming staff. If you follow the rules which are in Announcements you will have very good chances on becoming staff.

Multiple Accounts
Multiple accounts are banned for the reason that you may give your self rep ETC. The only reason to make a new account is if you cannot get your old one to work. We have ways to check this and failure to follow this can result in a ban.

Begging for rep or "asking" is not allowed here on Fuze and this may result in a infraction.

It has already been hard enough to get the site off the ground advertising for your own sites is not allowed in any way at this time doing so may result in a ban.

Impersonating Others
Saying you are someone you are not or "pretending" is not allowed especially if you are trying to act like a staff member. This may result in a infraction.

Hacking Other People/Accounts
Hacking other members of the website is in no way allowed. Not even a small little joke. If you are caught hacking or leading to a bad site you will be IP banned.

Signatures that are exposing of sexual themes are not allowed on the forums. You may have 2 pictures in your signature. They must fit size though! You are allowed to have the name of your CLAN OR GUILD website no others they will be removed. Breaking these can remove your ability to use signatures or it may simply be removed from the signature.

Behavior To Other Members

Flaming other peoples threads or replies such as: (You mother*$&#ing #!##*% suck a #@*%) is not allowed. A small hint of it is allowed and jokingly but if it is serious and offensive you bay be infracted

Or racism is not allowed on these forums. This includes language, race, gender, religion, location, color. This will result in a infraction.

Moderators are simply just like normal members until they get promoted to Super Moderator or Admin. All Moderators can do are close posts, delete posts, make post's Stickies/Announcements/Global Announcements/ect. Once you have been a moderator for than 2 weeks and have not been demoted, you will probably then be promoted to to Super Moderator. Then eventually you will become an Administrator.

Forum rules still apply in the shoutbox. Every rule must be followed. Failure to do so may result in a ban.

Section Rules
Some sections may have there own rules set by the section staff. These rules must be followed in addition to the forum rules. Failure to do so may result in a ban.

No sort of spam is allowed on Fuze posting spam ETC may result in a infraction.


Spamming threads pretty much the same as "Spam" but this goes deeper into posting and this is what you would be infracted for and you WILL receive much more severe punishment. This can result in a ban.

Referral Sites
Websites where you receive something special if people register for you and you are rewarded and they are not your link will be deleted and it can result in a infraction

Misleading Content
Posting something saying that it is a tutorial and it is not is not allowed failure to follow this may result in a infraction.

Adult Material
Posting pornography or disgusting pictures is banned on this forum and you will be banned permanently.

Bumping Threads
Posting uselessly to keep your thread is not allowed unless it is to the benefit to the thread bumping is only allowed on a persons referral thread. Failure to follow will suspend your posting ability for 1 hour and the thread will be deleted. Sometimes it may be allowed.

Ripping Content
Ripping content from other sites threads or anyone else without proper credit and rights for the content may result in a infraction.

Reporting a Post
If a post has anything wrong with it simply report it this makes it much easier for the staff to fix or delete the thread. You will be rewarded for this.

Backseat Moderating
Acting like a moderator or posting saying delete this thread ETC is not allowed just because it may make other members feel like a lower quality and you are not part of the staff if we need your help we will ask for it. This may result in a warning.

We just act to keep good grammar going such as not doing this: I Use Lots Of Caps. Or doing this: HELLO THAR! Or.... H1 74363 13367!!!!111 There is not sort of warning unless you use all caps or post gibberish.

Many members hate trolls and this can result in mass losses on your part. Do not feed the trolls do not BE a troll.

Leaking premium content from this site will result in possibly being banned from the site it can vary from: a temporary suspension to a IP Ban depending on the information leaked.

Wrote by Clutch Like God: Scamming will never be allowed. This WILL Result in an IP Ban. We will not consider anything under any circumstances.


Negative Rep
Do not give people negative rep for no reason without a good reasoning for it that is clearly stated. Failure to follow this may result in a reset rep. (Go back to 10 Points in Rep)

Rep For______
Asking for reputation as a form of currency for trading. Failure to follow this may result in a infraction.

Asking For Rep
Asking for reputation is not allowed at all on Fuze forums failure to follow this rule may result in a infraction against you.

Reputation Boosting
Free or payed boosting your reputation will not/never be allowed. If the staff catch you doing this, It WILL Result in a reset reputation. This means you will go back to 10 Points.

Rep In Signatures And Usertitles
Asking for rep there will result in a infraction because that is breaking the rule of asking for reputation you may be infracted for this.

Abuse With Rep/Showing Off Rep
Showing off your reputation or boasting at other members with lower rep or new members is prohibited and will result in a infraction also using it to say you are better than some one else.

Rules by the Official Admin (Clutch like God):

Account Rules:

Foul Language
If we see you post ANY foul language it will result in a 5 Day Infraction.

Asking for Points
If any staff members see this, They will notify a Administrator and it will result in a IP Infraction.

By reading these rules and registering here you agree you will follow these and by no means we all of the staff have the ability to ban you for any reason.

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